About me

All my life I have been running where the sun is shining and the music is on. I was born in a small town called Natania in a small country called Israel. I spent time walking in the mountains, living in teepee’s and spending time with hippies and getting to know myself and my spiritual side. I remember that I used to walk and sing to myself melodies that I would come up with in my head. At this point I realized I had the ability to write songs and to formulate them in my head without the need for playing an instrument. I lived with an unconventional family growing up. I became a free spirit as a result. My older brother Amir was the person who helped form me as an artist. He is gay and extremely talented. He would take photo’s of me with his camera and would dress me like Madonna and take me to the markets to show off his little sister. I was inspired by a variety of music that my brother listened to like Frank Zappa, Led Zeppelin, Kate Bush, Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Prince, Bob Marley , Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey. But what moved me more than anything were the influences of Michael Jackson and Madonna. They were my favorites. I became passionate about the 80’s songs. What moves me are songs with a simple melody and a great hook. It is those songs that I want to sing over and over all day long.

I am a writer, composer, singer and performer. I am also a dancer. Dancing allows me to freely express my inner feelings both happy and sad through the music. I have released the first two songs of my album and hope you enjoy them like I do.

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